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Nathalie Azoulay - Tél : +33 (0) 4 22 13 10 06 - Gsm : +33 (0) 6 28 33 65 07 - Mail : n.azoulay@ubitransports.com


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Ubi Transports

Ubi Transports is a young, innovative company which proposes digital, industry-specific solutions in the passenger transportation sector : school, fixed-route, intercity, demand-response…

A creator of new on-board technologies and editor of integrated solutions, Ubi Transports offers to the public transport sector the capacity to make networks more fluid, more secure and optimize operations, by proposing light solutions - management and optimization systems - which are accessible to all territories. 

Ubi Transports’ offer is for public and private actors in the French market : regional authorities, institutions and private transportation actors.

Organized around Smartphone/Tablet technologies and the 2Cloud mobility platform, fostering sustainable, safe, and comfortable mobility, Ubi Transports contributes to economic, environmental and societal efficiencies. 2School, 2Place, 2Sms, 2Stop, 2Clock, and 2Trail are some of our solutions deployed today in transportation networks.