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Video surveillance

Over the last ten years or so, video surveillance has developed widely and proved its usefulness in a variety of situations. It is today one of the numerous tools used to improve safety. The main objective is to provide protection rather than surveillance, hence the evolution in the terminology which now favours the term video protection.

The government has set up a strategic steering committee for developing video protection which has established a guide for contracting authorities to help them integrate this tool into their projects. This guide, published by the French government can be downloaded free of charge from the committee’s website.

A programme has been launched to develop this tool and an inter-ministerial steering committee set up to lead it. Its members are mandated to coordinate action by State departments in order to facilitate development and provide support for all stakeholders working towards this aim.    In parallel, a national video surveillance commission has been set up to advise the Ministry of the Interior and ensure the ethical use of the tool.