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European directive for deployment of  ITS - July 2010

Directive, published in the Official Journal of the European Union on 7 July 2010, outlines a framework aimed at supporting the coordinated and consistent deployment and use of ITS in the Union, in particular across borders between Member States, and lays down the general conditions required for this purpose.
It applies to ITS services and applications in road transport and their interfaces to the other transport modes.

It follows on from the European action plan published in December 2008.       The European directive identifies four priority areas for the creation and use of specifications and standards. These four priority areas are as follows:

  • Optimal use of road, traffic and travel data,  
  • Continuity of traffic and freight management ITS services,  
  • ITS applications for road safety and security,  
  • The link between the vehicle and the transport infrastructures.       Within these priority areas, the following elements represent priority actions for the creation and use of specifications and standards:  
  • a) provision of EU-wide multimodal travel information services;  
  • b) provision of EU-wide real-time traffic information services;  
  • c) data and procedures for the free provision (whenever possible) of minimum universal traffic information related to road safety to users;  
  • d) harmonised provision of a pan-European interoperable emergency call service (eCall);  
  • e) provision of information services on safe and secure parking places for heavy good vehicles and commercial vehicles;  
  • f) provision of services to reserve safe and secure parking places for heavy goods vehicles and commercial vehicles;       To accelerate the deployment of ITS in member countries, in particular the directive requires Member States:  
  • to provide an update on the ITS services deployed on their territory by August 2011  
  • to transpose the European directive into the law of their own States and draw up national action plans for the deployment of ITS by end 2012  
  • to draw up specifications by 2013       In order to meet the requirements of the European directive and draw up a consistent national action plan for the deployment of ITS, France has taken measures to debate the subject.