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Adress : BMIA 65 avenue Victor Hugo 33110, LE BOUSCAT - Contact : Philippe MARSAUD


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Created in July 1998 as a sole proprietorship, BMIA is now a limited liability company with a capital of 47 730 €.

Acting initially as a service provider for industrial companies and equipment manufacturer, BMIA successfully diversified its activities while proposing simultaneously with its main business innovative software solutions to meet the recurring needs of professionals.

In 2005 BMIA started marketing real-time 3D Visual Interactive simulation of traffic for road and tunnel management (G’Val) and developing its owns operation assistance software (G’Nex) and project management software (GeneSuite). With a wealth of over 12 years’ experience, our company, thanks to its professionalism and its close employee-client relationship, has bonded durable confidence with its national and international clients.

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